Auto Imaging Technology

Our fully-automated and connected system enables clients to verify a vehicle’s condition at multiple stages throughout the transport, storage, post-production and pre-delivery processes, or between rental and off-rental. We use the latest digital imaging technology, and laser precision positioning to capture super high resolution 360-degree records of vehicles. These image records are captured in lighting controlled non-reflective environments which combine with our camera technology to produce the sharpest images available, in seconds. This unrivalled takt time not only means that the records of the vehicles can become instantly available to the user, but also that the system can be integrated seamlessly into manufacturing and logistical processes.

Unrivalled Takt Time

360-Degree Capture

Ultra Hi-Resolution Images

Variable Vehicle Identification 

Mobile App

Connected Cloud Solution


Our systems are fully connected, designed to work together and complement one another. Within the physical system of Degould’s auto-imaging, each check over the course of the journey of a vehicle from plant to dealership, or on hire to off hire, is instantly tagged to the client responsible. The client is then immediately able to access the electronic damage condition after each check, whether that’s on their mobile phone, tablet, or desktop computer. This provides an indisputable record of the vehicle’s condition throughout its journey and consequently, damage claims are settled faster and more efficiently. This process is further supplemented by our vehicle inspection mobile app, which measures, identifies and logs vehicle damage. The data from the mobile app is then instantaneously synchronised with any existing auto-imaging data. The result is a full digital record of the vehicle’s supply chain or rental journey. We can also help clients connect these digital records with their own or any third-party systems.

We offer multiple integration points via application programming interfacing and restful web services, for simple connectivity to client and third-party systems.

Dan Gould Director

Cloud Based Solutions

Degould’s cloud based solution offers highly secure storage options at multiple facilities around the world. This durable storage infrastructure transfers data over SSL which is automatically encrypted at rest. We’ve ensured that this architecture is as scalable as it is secure, and that it complies fully with both application and archive.

Infinity Programme

Degould’s auto-imaging physical systems are fully supported and maintained by us, with continual checks, audits and maintenance carried out by our engineers. We pride ourselves on their proactivity, foresight and their commitment to never let our systems fail over time. Instead, they’ll replace and repair our technology well within its expected life, to ensure that our systems reach their maximum technological lifespans.