Degould’s auto-imaging technology provides digital evidence to validate damage claims and remove doubt over damage responsibility.


Degould’s auto-imaging technology™ is the future of damage diagnosis within vehicle logistics, providing real-time scans and data reports that can be accessed from any location on any device.

Unrivalled Takt Time

360-Degree Capture

Ultra Hi-Resolution Images

Variable Vehicle Identification

Mobile App

Connected Cloud Solution


As well as offering fully-connected, real-time remote vehicle monitoring, we also offer a range of fully automated systems, catering for a variety of different situations. All of our systems come fully installed as a turnkey solution, with full user- training, ongoing technical and maintenance support, and a product warranty.

Vector Mapping App™

Our new software and mobile application has been designed for vehicle dealerships to conduct electronic vehicle inspections upon receipt of a vehicle, enabling them to either accept its condition or raise an exception through the app. Its user led and guided system drastically speeds up and assists the claims handling process and the system can interface into claims handling or internal systems.

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Claims Handling

Our systems and apps can interface into third party claims handling software and internal systems of OEMs for seamless access and integration. We offer multiple integration points via. application programming interfacing and restful web services, for simple connectivity to client and third-party systems.

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When vehicles are damaged during supply chain transportation, or while being hired or leased, it can often be difficult to accurately attribute responsibility.  Degould’s auto-imaging technology™ provides digital evidence to validate damage claims and remove doubt over damage responsibility, while also providing clients with a detailed record of a vehicle’s condition.


Degould™ is an engineering company focused on the automotive sector. We deliver the solutions our clients need to streamline their processes and systems. To achieve this, we’ve embraced the Fourth Industrial Revolution, combining smart automation and cloud-based data exchange in order to continuously discover new ways to service our customers.


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